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I’ve been doing a lot more video editing with my virtual tours for homes that I list, so I thought instead of taking pictures this year at the Biker rally in Port Dover, I’d get video instead. Here are the results of what I captured. If you like what you see, hit that like button, and share it all over the place!

Whenever I have someone that is looking to buy a home in Port Dover, I always mention to them the rally that happens every Friday the 13th.  Where most understand after I explain it to them, there are still ones that give me a bit of a vacant acknowledgement, and I can tell that the pictures and my explanation just don’t convey what really goes down in our little fishing town.  So I made this video instead.  And I think it really captures the heart of the event!  Enjoy 🙂

Port Dover, Ontario. Friday the 13, 2014.

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February.  Two holidays this month…one is a bit of a contrived – from the government (Family Day – we need a holiday to celebrate that we have a family?  What about those that don’t have one?  I always thought Remembrance Day would have been a better choice for a Stat holiday, but that’s really a topic for another blog).  The other one is almost a touchy one, from what I’ve found talking with people.  Valentine’s Day.  How do you feel?  Is it a good excuse to give your spouse or loved one an extra special gift, or is it a holiday that’s been hijacked by Hallmark?  (more…)

Simcoe Panorama LightsSo once again, the parks in Simcoe Ontario have been lit up with the wonders of Christmas lights and panorama displays. (more…)