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gardenFinally!  With a few warm days, we’re really getting the itch for Spring, and who can blame anyone?  It’s been a rough winter…one that most of us weren’t prepared for.  Frost went deeper into the ground than it has in forever, snow kept piling up, the winds felt colder…all in all, I think we’re all ready for some sunshine and warmth.  And with the Spring, comes gardens!  After all, Norfolk County is considered “Ontario’s Garden”, the sign driving in says so!  I’ve spoken to a couple people who are experts in this, and I’ve had a hand in outside gardening for a while now myself.  Here are some tips you might want to consider… (more…)

ScaleOk, so how many of you actually made New Years resolutions?  Do people still do that?  Honestly, I’m not sure, but if they do, I have no doubt that going to the gym would be in a top contender for resolution spots.  If that’s the case, let me help you! (more…)

yardsaleforthecureIt really is!  And for more than one reason… (more…)