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February.  Two holidays this month…one is a bit of a contrived – from the government (Family Day – we need a holiday to celebrate that we have a family?  What about those that don’t have one?  I always thought Remembrance Day would have been a better choice for a Stat holiday, but that’s really a topic for another blog).  The other one is almost a touchy one, from what I’ve found talking with people.  Valentine’s Day.  How do you feel?  Is it a good excuse to give your spouse or loved one an extra special gift, or is it a holiday that’s been hijacked by Hallmark?  (more…)

Shortbread3949-thumb-596x350-181906It’s getting cold outside, but with Christmas coming up you know you’re still running around town trying to catch up.  And I know you’re hungry.

There’s a little restaurant downtown Simcoe that you have to check out…fresh cut fries, perfectly grilled paninis, and oven baked cookies.  Oh, the cookies!  On the corner of Robinson street and Kent is a place called Kaley’s where the owner will serve you with a smile as warm as the food.  It’s a cute little atmosphere and convenient location where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, or sit down for a fantastic lunch.  On your way out, don’t forget to grab a dozen freshly baked cookies, or check out the amazing custom cakes she does!