I’ve been living in this area most of my life, as has my wife.  Both of our kids were born in Simcoe, and I believe truly, that Norfolk County offers everything one could need (and if for some reason you need services that you can’t find here, Brantford and Hamilton are only a short drive away).

One of the cornerstones of any community are the businesses run in it.  From my experience, I’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and who to go to.

It should be noted that I provide a lot of referrals and give a lot of opinions based on experience.  When I recommend a person or business, it’s based on the quality of service they are able to provide, not on what they charge for rates.  I never receive any kind of referral fee from any one of them.

Yes, you need a lawyer for the transaction, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.  Here are some of the solicitors that I recommend.

MHN LawyersMHN Lawyers – Chris Nunn.
39 Colborne Street N, Simcoe

Brennan C ANeil Brennan
19 Main Street, Waterford

Mortgage Specialists
If you haven’t already had a preapproval done, you’ll want to get that in place before you start looking at homes.  Nothing is more disappointing than falling in love with a place only to find out that you can’t get the funding for it!  Here are some trusted names I work with.

CIBCSheryl Williamsmobile mortgage specialistRBC

 Angela Kingmortgage specialist

There are a number of different inspections that can be involved with a real estate transaction.  Home inspectors, building inspectors, tradesman, septic and water inspections…the list goes on.  Here are some of my most trusted names when it comes time to perform an inspection.

GPIDon McLeod – Certified Master Home Inspector

Bill's SepticEd Dove – Bill’s Septic

Friends of the Business
Within the county are some of the best services you could ask for, and I’ve worked with or know most of them!  I will only ever recommend someone if they are able to deliver their service the way I would want it delivered to me, so you can be comfortable knowing that anyone listed here, I personally endorse! Give them a call, and make sure you tell them I sent you!

Norfolk_Fireplace_Logo_emailNorfolk Fireplace and Vac
Rob and Stephanie really know their stuff.  If you have questions or needs regarding your fireplace, whether it’s wood or gas, inside or out, these are the guys to call.  The offer WETT (wood energy transfer technology) inspections, and if you’re buying a home with a wood stove, it’s a good idea to bring Rob down to take a look.

Affordable PlumbingAffordable PlumbingDarryl Barker
Don’t let the name fool you.  Darryl’s not a “discount” plumber by any means, but his rates are probably the best in the county!  Not only have I seen his handywork in other homes, but we hired him to replace all the plumbing in our own home.  All of it!  He removed all the galvanized lines, took out the necessary cast iron, and fit everything back together with PEX and ABS.  His work was second to none, and he did it all at a price that even I was surprised with!

SmoutOutLoudSmout Out Loud Rob Smout
DJ Services
This is taking the party to the next level!  It could be a wedding, buck and doe, anniversary party, or a company Christmas party, birthday, street dance, or just a party that you want to really rock it!  He does huge events (1000+ people), and small get-togethers, and he has a way of making a special event truly memorable.  Forget all the other DJ’s, this guy is the real deal, partying with loud music, smoke, lights, lasers, and a personality that connects with the crowd.

Who are you looking to connect with?  Whether it’s a trade, restaurant, or service…odds are, I have someone for you.  I’ve been networking with local businesses since day 1, and can say with a touch of pride, have made a name for myself (hopefully a good one!).  Leave me a comment below for the kind of business or service you need, and I promise to respond!

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