So I was sitting here thinking “I really need to write up a blog entry…what should I write about?”.  A renovation idea? Naw. Politics? No, I’ve already stirred up enough there. Some upcoming event in the area? Maybe, but I want to write up something people will find interesting. Then I came across an article, and it hit me. The Most Expensive House Ever Sold. I read about it, I looked at the pictures, and you know what I found? When you have a ludicrous amount of money, you can build just about anything you ever dreamed of! Take a look:

Looking like something pulled out of a 17th century history book, it might surprise you to learn that it was built in 2008! Which means that it has all the modern amenities and luxuries that you would expect in a modern paradise mansion. And a few extra ones you might not expect. Like an indoor moat. Yep, an indoor moat. Because, why not?

57 acres in France, just outside Paris, the massive home is surrounded by water displays, statues, gardens, and of course a labyrinth (2 km of hedged disorientation!). There’s 20 bedrooms in the house (is it even fair to call it a house at this point?). 20 bedrooms. What possible reason would you ever have for 20 bedrooms? Aside from the obvious – one hell of a party, go pick a room to crash in, or turning it into a B&B, I can’t think of a single one. But then, guests must be a constant occurrence…after all, it’s hard to enjoy a personal theatre or a nightclub (yes, a nightclub) all by yourself.

How big is it, you might ask. And the answer would come with a giggle…53,800 square feet of living space. When you figure the average 3 bedroom home is 1,200-1,400, it’s hard to even perceive that much space! Several ceilings in reception halls and bedroom suites are hand painted frescoes, many inspired by famed artist Charles Le Brun, others representative of Michelangelo.

So amongst the squash court, ballrooms, wine cellars, indoor pools (plural) and everything else…what was my favourite feature of the home? It wasn’t hard for me to decide. The “meditation room” is a glass bubble of a room that is underwater! It sits underneath the moat, surrounded by an aquarium which is home to quite a bit of aquatic life. It’s the only one of it’s kind in all of Europe, and the engineering feat to design it alone is masterful. I could sit for hours, nay, days just relaxing and watching shark tummies.

So is it worth the price tag that it sold for? You tell me! It just recently sold for $301,000,000. If you don’t want to count the zero’s, that’s 301 million dollars! That makes it a world record sale. Not the most valuable property in the world, but nothing more valuable has ever sold, least of all to a private buyer.

So here’s my question to you. If you had the money to buy it…would you?


  1. Auntie💕 says:

    For sure…& I’d give all the commission to……my nephew, of course. And he/you have first dibs on the guest rooms😎💕

  2. Monica Martin says:

    You bet I would! Favourite feature would be the cleaning and gardening staff that came with such a beauty. 🙂

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