I get emails from the Royal Canadian Mint all the time, Amy and I have a small, but personal coin collection, and I enjoy looking at all the kinds of coins that the mint creates. Canada has some of the most unique collectable coins in the world…we were the first to add printed colour to circulating coins, the first to make glow in the dark coins, the first to create coins that incorporate glass (which are so cool looking!), and the list goes on.

BUT…check out this newest coin that the mint has created. I honestly don’t know if it’s incredibly cool, or if it’s one of the most horrible ideas they’ve ever done.

It could be a demonstration of ingenious creativity, or it could be showing that they’ve run out of idea’s and it’s a desperate attempt at trying to stay ahead of everyone else.

Then again, maybe I’m reading way too much into it, and making a mountain out of a molehill. Which is entirely possible, hahaha!

What do you think? Is this a-maze-ing, or is it a complete miss? If you’re a coin collector, would you shell out $115 for this? (it’s 1 oz of pure silver, btw)



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