Ok, so it’s raining and not snowing, and the weather is milder than we’re used to.  But what is it that really makes the holiday feel like Christmas? A lot of people come to Simcoe to witness the lights (even without snow, they’re a sight to be held).  Scents are a huge thing…the smell of baking and roasting turkey or ham, for us it was putting up the very large Christmas tree and having the scent of pine fill our home.  But more than all of that, it’s the actions that we do. The heartfelt charity that reminds us that we’re all in this game together. So when I went in to pick up a few things at my local pharmacy, I was overwhelmed by what they were doing.

Hope Pharmacy on Norfolk street is aptly named.  The building is shared between a full serve pharmacy and a clinic that helps people with addictions.  The stigmas associated with clinics like this are undeserved at best, and downright destructive at worst, and until (or unless) you have a friend or loved one, or you yourself struggle with an addiction, please don’t ever pass judgement on the places trying to help, or the individuals seeking that help.

Hope Pharmacy
The pharmacy itself is independent, and is a full serve pharmacy with staff that care more than I’ve seen in nearly any other establishment.  And that says a lot…I have pharmacists and pharmacy assistants very high on my respect list.  For that reason alone, I would recommend anyone seeking out a new pharmacy to give them a shot. But it goes further than that.  They named their pharmacy “HOPE”.  And it’s not just a name to them…they all genuinely care about their patients.

Hope pharmacy womenWhich brings me back to what inspired me to write this in the first place. There are a lot of people and families that have had a really rough year (no surprises there), but just how rough is something most of us take for granted.  In my own household, food has always been on the table, and a roof always over our heads.  And during the holidays, we feast and give thanks…and so often forget about the people who give thanks, but are struggling to put food on the table, let alone have a Christmas dinner.

Hope pharmacy AmrToday when I stepped into the pharmacy to pick up a few things, the smell of turkey and pie hit me immediately.  They heard that a number of families this year were having an even harder time than usual.  So they did something about it…they brought in Christmas dinner, open for anyone who came in, no cost.  One man was heard thanking them, since it would be the only Christmas dinner he would be getting this year. It was a truly moving and beautiful sight.

So what is it that makes the holiday truly feel like Christmas?  It’s not the snow.  It’s not sleigh bells, or carols.  It’s not even the reruns of Miracle on 34th Street.  It’s the actions of those like the people who work at Hope pharmacy.  We could all take note from their example.

Merry Christmas everybody.  Be safe, be happy, and show someone else that you have HOPE.

  1. Kim says:

    Thank you for recognizing the effort to try and make Christmas this year better than it otherwise might be for others. Sharing our wealth and kindness is truly in the human spirit.

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