Ok, I’ve posted a couple political blogs recently, so I figure it’s time I put this thought down.

I want to submit an official apology to Rob Ford for thinking at one point that no one, in a position of political authority, could provide such appall through bigotry, sexism, and sheer ignorance. Let me show you just how wrong I was. These things that have actually poured out of the mouth of Donald Trump…if it wasn’t recorded, I don’t know if I would have believed some of these things were actually said. did this article aptly titled 32 worst things Donald Trump has ever said.

I found 10 of the stupidest things DT has said on  They must have really had to work to narrow their list down to only 10!

Not to be outdone, wrote 18 things Donald Trump has actually said about women, clearly illustrating his not so inclusive opinion on women.

Finding these articles was not difficult.  In fact, it’s harder to find good things he’s said than bad. Can you imagine this guy up here? Remember the reactions when TO mayor Mel Lastman spoke before his PR department reeled him in? He’s like a choir boy beside the Trump! How is this guy leading the polls?!? I cannot imagine, I honestly can not fathom, how this man is the front runner for arguably the most powerful nation on the planet.

If he were to actually be elected (and I can’t believe that we live in a world where that’s even remotely a possibility…but here we are), that would give every single other politician in the world a giant Get Out of Jail Free card.  Maybe it’s even enough to bring Jon Stewart out of retirement.

I’m just…so…just…what?!?

  1. sdmartin1981 says:

    Worse than Ford is a giant stretch… they man was smoking crack while in office. I agree with the sentiment though.

    • He was, yes. Somehow, though, he managed to do a fairly decent job running the city, in spite of his addictions and personality. I’m not too sure that Trump would do the same.

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