I will Remember

Posted: November 11, 2015 in Norfolk County Rocks!
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In Flanders FieldsThis day is particularly special to me.  I have experience and know several people, family included, that fought in the wars. Young men and women that worked harder than most of the current generation combined. Because they had to.                         They had to, knowing that if they did not succeed, then their children would not have the freedoms we so cherish and take for granted.

I’ve met and spoken with so many people that have come back from the war and have been called hero.  And they deserve that title.  I’ve also spoken with countless people who lost a loved one…a brother, husband, a son, or parent, to the violent nightmare that happened all those years ago.  They too are heroes.  They are the ones that have fallen.  It is they that the cannons blast for, and trumpets sound on this day to pay homage to.

poppyThis means a lot to me, and I know it mean a lot to many other out there too throughout our incredible country.  Please take a moment today and reflect upon those freedoms that you have now.  The ones you take for granted.  The job you have, the money you make, car you drive, or junk food you eat.  Take a moment and think about why you’ve been afforded such luxuries.

Not everybody can make it to the ceremonies held, and if you cannot, don’t think that a personal moment of silence doesn’t carry the same weight.  It does.

Be silent. Remember. Be thankful. Be vigilant.

Today’s ceremony in Simcoe, Ontario is held at Carillian Tower (the memorial clock tower beside the high school).  Ceremony begins at 10:45am, rain or shine, let’s see a turnout worthy of the men and women that gave their lives for us.

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