stylish outletWe’re always looking for ways to improve our homes, whether it’s for our own enjoyment, or to get it ready for sale, and so often we overlook the small things that can have a big impact.

It goes without saying that the hydro service in the home should ideally be breakers, and that the wiring should be updated.  But what about the end of the line?  Specialty outlets can get expensive, but they can also make a big difference in more ways than one.

There are all kinds to choose from if you’re looking for stylish and cool looking.  If you’ve done a lot of recent renovations, adding custom wall plates and switches shows an attention to detail, and can really bring things together.  You’ll want to consider everything from colour to design, but be careful…it’s easy to blow a budget on this detail alone!

coolest light switch ever?

lightswitch smiles







Hidden safe in an outlet

what would YOU hide here? 😉

It’s not just about form though, but function too!  If you really want to leave an impression, try something unique.  Whether it’s led lights built in to the outlet to give off a bit of light in a hallway at night, or “hidden” outlets that pop right out of the wall.  There are so many options, and if you have something that really stands out, a potential buyer will walk away remembering your home before the others they viewed that day!

Outlet night light

hidden outlet

touch to reveal a cube of outlets!


With more and more devices in our daily lives, having more places to plug things in is becoming more of a necessity, not just a nice feature to have.  USB outlets are becoming ever more popular, and having a few of these installed can make life a lot easier.  Put one anywhere you might want to plug your phone in, but do some research before you go out and buy the first one you see.  Not all phones (or tablets) have the same power requirements, so it’s important to make sure that the USB receptacle you purchase will meet your actual needs.  Remember, tablets need more juice than phones (typically).

Finally, we all have at least ONE extension cord with multiple outlets on it.  The biggest problem I’ve always had with these power bars is how closely spaced the outlets themselves are.  If you have something with an oversized plug, there goes two, sometimes 3 spaces.  I love the innovation of this power bar here, because it looked at that problem, and completely eliminated it!
modular rotating power bar rotating power bar








Anyways, I hope this gives you a few ideas for your own home…I know doing the research for this has made me rethink a few of the outlets we have in our own home!  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please share!  Do you have outlets that are really cool or creative?  Swap out, plug in, and as always…thanks for reading!

Matt Johnston

  1. Monica Martin says:

    Informative as always, Matt. Love that pop-out cube outlet!

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