YouTubeYouTube really has become an incredible repository for information.  It used to be a place for people who owned a camcorder and a cat to upload really cute (read stupid) things, with the occasional just as irrelevant/sometimes entertaining short clip.  Oh, and music.

But it’s grown and morphed into something completely different now…it’s a community where you can find tutorials for just about anything, educational films, or science fiction.  It’s a place for entertainment, laughing, and sharing ideas.  I mean, there are actually some pretty big budget channels that are going on at YouTube!  Who would have guessed that?

What are your favourites? I have a couple dozen that I’m subscribed to, and always looking for more to fill my brain with, ranging from silly fun to deep thoughtful.  I want to know what you’re all watching though, so I’m going to list my top 6 channels that I watch, and I’d love to get a response from everybody with their own top 3-5!  Think you’re game?  Ok, here goes:

1. VSauce:  Probably one of my favourite here (and I’ll include VSauce 2 and VSauce 3 here as well).  Michael, Kevin, and Jay answer some very profound questions in an incredibly entertaining way.  Everything from “What is the resolution of the eye” or “Why do we get bored” all the way to “What would happen if Superman punched you”.  For real.  It’s fun, and you learn almost by accident.  If you don’t watch these guys, then you’re misusing the internet.

2. BatintheSun: They satisfy the comic book geek in me with fully acted and directed clips of superhero battles.  You’ll be blown away at the costume design, the sets, and just how they put it together as a whole.  This feels like a big budget channel, and it’s free!  Nice.

3. pocket83: This guy is a woodworker/carpenter, and has some brilliant ideas, and mad talent.  From the level of skill that he displays, I have no doubt that he does some pretty phenomenal projects, and is possibly his main career, but what he films is the fun stuff.  Different puzzles and projects, you should definitely check his channel out.  I will admit that a couple of his uploads seem to have come completely out of left field, but his sharp wit and sharper mind always shine through.  Start from the beginning though, and you’ll find yourself wanting to get your tools and build something.

4. AWEme:  Who doesn’t like swords?  With the original series “Man at Arms”, this 30 year veteran blacksmith creates swords from movies, games, and comics by popular request.  And they make the real thing, not replica quality.  My favourite?  The Sword of Omens.  Aw yeah.  The second series on there is a team that creates a blend of weapon ideas and forges them.  It’s a lot of fun, trust me. They have new series’ on there now too including Superfan Build and Epic How To.

5. Matthew Santoro:  Local guy (well, from Toronto, so pretty local), he’s created a solid following with his list show, and he’s just so damn entertaining to watch!  He’s got a charisma that most people would die for, and it’s hard not to be entertained by just about anything he decides to write about.  And his teeth are so. damn. white.

6. Barely Political:  Because I’m a Defender of Awesome.

I have my own channel as well, that I use to showcase the properties that I sell by video virtual tours.  I take you through the home, and show it to you in a way that pictures can’t.  I’ve also added aerial photography and video to them as well!  (just one more reason to call me when you’re ready to sell your home, but I digress).  This year I hope to incorporate my blog with my YouTube channel and create a series that showcases my own county and each of it’s incredible hidden details and hotspots!
So who’s up for it?  Let me know what you think of the channels that I listed here, and let me know some more that would be good for me to watch myself!

Happy hunting, and as always, thanks for reading.

  1. Monica L Martin says:

    Thank you, my young friend, for the education. This ol’ broad had no idea that one could “subscribe to a channel” on YouTube! I simply search for a tune or a DIY idea, and was quite content with that little wonder. Enjoy your day!!

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