We’ve all heard that statement, right?  And lets face it, there’s a lot of truth to it.  Fences offer privacy, let you keep a dog in the yard without worries, sometimes even adds a level of security to your property.  If you don’t already have a fence around your backyard though, what do you need before you put one up?

“Do I need a building permit?”  I get that question all the time, and the answer might surprise you.  In an area and time when it seems like you need a permit to do ANYTHING, you don’t actually need a permit to build a fence.  Yay!  There are some rules you have to keep in mind though, and if you don’t follow the guidelines, then the township can come by and tell you to tear it down.  We don’t want that, so lets cover some of the basics here:

First and foremost, it is a VERY good idea to have a land survey on hand before you go ahead and start your fence project.  If you don’t have one already, even though it may seem expensive and overkill, you might want to call a surveyor up and have one done.  The last thing you want is to finish your fence off and then have the neighbour come by and claim that it’s actually a couple feet on their property.  CYA.

The county has regulations as to where you can place a fence.  The backyard is different from the front yard.  If you own a corner lot, the placement regulations are different.  There are rules about height as well, and that too depends on it’s location in relation to the nearest street.  Take a trip down to the Planning Department and ask…again, better to be safe and know before you even buy the first board.

Very cool wooden fence!

Very cool wooden fence!

“Can I build the fence right on the property line?”  Yep.  But again, make sure you know where that property line is!  Talk to your neighbour to discuss the type of fence you’re going to put up, and if it’s right on the line, you might even be able to convince them to pitch in something to help out.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the type of fence you put up too.  If you’re just looking to keep a pet in the backyard, a simple chain link fence would do the trick, but if you want privacy, you’ll want a wooden fence.  You can get premade panels, or if you have the time and skill (and patience), you can build it yourself.  The right fence in your backyard can make all the difference in the world, and can give a nice complete look to any landscaping projects you’ve done while offering that privacy and security.

It’s no wonder that being able to put “fenced backyard” in a sales listing is such a benefit!

If you have any questions, leave me a comment in the section below, or contact me and I’d be happy to help you out.  You got this far, why not do me the extra favour and hit the ‘like’ button, and share this to your own facebook page!

Happy hunting, and as always, thanks for reading.

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