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February.  Two holidays this month…one is a bit of a contrived – from the government (Family Day – we need a holiday to celebrate that we have a family?  What about those that don’t have one?  I always thought Remembrance Day would have been a better choice for a Stat holiday, but that’s really a topic for another blog).  The other one is almost a touchy one, from what I’ve found talking with people.  Valentine’s Day.  How do you feel?  Is it a good excuse to give your spouse or loved one an extra special gift, or is it a holiday that’s been hijacked by Hallmark? 

How about we think about the origins of the holiday instead…The Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated each year on the 14th of February.  The name “Valentine” is actually more of a title than a name, and it’s the Valentine of Rome that gives precursor to the holiday.  The Valentines would perform marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to marry by the Roman Empire.  We’re going back to somewhere around 250-270 AD, so I’m sure that all the details were far more grisly than what we read about regularly.  So he was caught, imprisoned, and made into a martyr.

Is this a good reason to have a holiday?  Sure it is, why not!  It’s always nice to have an excuse to do a little bit extra for the person we love, as well.  We live in a time and place where we don’t have to fear persecution for what we believe, or who we love, and that’s important to remember.  It’s also important to remember that even though we do something a bit extra for our loved one on Valentine’s Day, maybe we should think about doing that something extra every day.  It doesn’t have to be flowers or chocolates (that would get awful expensive really fast)…just a kiss in the morning, a smile before you leave for work.  Maybe a random text during the day saying that you’re thinking of them.  If you’re home first from work, try cooking dinner (hopefully that would go both ways!).
In the past there were people who went against the grain, broke the law, and suffered at the hands of others, in the name of love and charity.  We should remember that, for sure, but we don’t need to limit it to one day.

Ok, so I’m going to wrap this up and make it truly related to my blog’s main theme here!  If you are planning on doing something, there are a couple options I can fire at you.
So long as it’s not too late already, you can try booking reservations at The Combine.  It’s a pretty incredible restaurant on the main strip in Simcoe, and although I haven’t done a blog write-up about it yet, one will be coming soon, don’t worry!  Click ~HERE~ for their website and contact info.
If you’d rather stay in, but have a bit of a sweet tooth, how about a custom surprise cake?  Kaley’s Kakes does an incredible job, and will make it right to order (or cupcakes if you prefer).  Click ~HERE~ for her.
I have another friend who also does custom cakes, Alicia Slaght, and I’ve seen some pretty amazing work that she’s done too!  To get in touch with Alicia, click ~HERE~.

Thanks for reading yet another one of my blogs, I love knowing that someone out there actually likes my writing!  Like every other one, it’s hugely appreciated if you hit that LIKE button, or even better, SHARE it with your family/friends/random people who are literate by email or posting it on your Facebook page!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment in the section below, or send me a message/email.

ah, I like polls.  So here’s another one for you 🙂

~Matt Johnston

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