Simcoe Panorama LightsSo once again, the parks in Simcoe Ontario have been lit up with the wonders of Christmas lights and panorama displays.

People from all over the province come down to our comfortable little town to walk through the park and take in the beautiful display, and if it’s something you haven’t already done, I encourage you to take at least one evening and stroll through!  Kids absolutely love it, but I find when I wander around, it takes me back to when I myself was just a kid.  With snow on the ground, landing on my cheeks, the sounds of kids laughing and running around, a gentle cold breeze brushing across my face, I can close my eyes in the middle of the park and imagine that I’m 10 years old again, and it brings back every bit of magic that the season encompasses.

So make sure that at least once this season, you take your kids, take your wife or husband, your girlfriend/boyfriend, or just yourself, and go for a walk through the parks.  Let the lights bring you back to a time where stress was an abstract concept, and magic was as real to you as that need for a morning coffee.  Believe for just a few moments that there is nothing in the world to worry about, because if you can believe that (even for just a moment), then it will be true.

Merry Christmas everybody!

  1. […] used to.  But what is it that really makes the holiday feel like Christmas? A lot of people come to Simcoe to witness the lights (even without snow, they’re a sight to be held).  Scents are a huge thing…the smell of […]

  2. Krista says:

    Well said Matt! Merry Christmas to you and yours. 😀

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