Ok, I really need to make a part 2 of my last post.  This is it.  So last time I spoke about the mortgage broker that I use pretty frequently, but I can’t talk about mortgages without talking about someone else too.  Enter, Sheryl Williams!

Any good team consists of more than one way to get a job done, and done right.  I’ve assisted several clients in the past that have a variety of opinions on different lenders…some are more biased than others, and some opinions are more validated than others too!  Some people prefer to work with a bank to get their mortgage, some rather the mortgage broker.

I’m here to tell you that if you prefer the former, there’s really only one choice in all of Norfolk County to choose from.  After working with most of the banks from time to time, TD Canada Trust seems to be the best for the client.  Partly because of the policies they have overtop the other big ones, but largely because of the roaming mortgage specialist they employ here.  Wait…what’s a ‘roaming’ mortgage specialist?

Ok, so when most people think of getting their mortgage lined up, they go to the branch and make an appointment.  Don’t!  I mean it!  Ok, so I’ve been working with Sheryl for a long time now, a whole chunk of years.  I’ve actually entrusted more clients to this woman than most professionals I can do business with, and there’s a few solid reasons for that.  1. She gets results.  2. She keeps you informed through the whole process.  3. She’s such a nice person!  You can  place those in whichever order you feel is the most important to you, but the fact is, when you are capable of all three things, you deserve the trust you get in business.

Oh yeah…”roaming” mortgage specialist.  You don’t need to go to the branch to meet with her.  In fact, it might be more efficient if you don’t!  She’ll work with you outside banking hours, and meet with you to do it.  What’s that that TD keeps slinging around as their catch line?  Yes.  Banking can be this easy.

BTW, if you want to get in touch with Sheryl, I would be proud to make the introduction for you!  I think you all know how you can get in touch with me 😉

  1. My only issue with dealing with banks for mortgages is mortgage insurance …… I’ve met too many people lately, who thought they were covered … only to have reverse underwriting add to their pain and suffering after losing a loved one .

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