No one, that’s who!  Well, ok, maybe not no one, but if there’s a good prize at the end of it, and no real commitment to enter, of course people love it.  Guess what I have for you!  An incredible contest with an even more incredible prize!!  Ok, so what’s the biggest out of pocket expense when buying a home?  This one’s easy…it’s your down payment.  5% of your total borrowing costs.  That’s a huge chunk!  Read on, my friends…read on…

Re/Max has put together a contest that they’re calling …wait for it…”Re/Max Down Payment Contest”  !!!remax downpayment contest

This one is really simple.  I’m going to include the link at the end of my blog here where you have to click to enter…you’ll have to fill out some entry form information and hit submit.  Done!  It’s good for anyone in Canada, and you can’t be an immediate family member of anyone working for Re/Max (sorry Mom).  If you read it, this prize is good for up to $15,000 towards the down payment of a new home…that’s huge!

So if you win, make sure you remember who told you about it! haha!


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