Just one of the places you need to find.

Just one of the places you need to find.

No seriously. Get Lost.

If you’re from Norfolk County and you haven’t already done this, you’re missing out! Truly, we’re in one of the most beautiful counties that Ontario has to offer, and I beg that you give this a try…

Take a different way home.  Or just go for a drive, and find a place you haven’t been before.  Maybe you’re like me and don’t need a map, and so you can’t really get lost.  Just ask my wife (haha!).  If that’s the case, don’t worry, you don’t have to be left out.  Lost really isn’t the goal, just a means to justify driving down some of the coolest roads we have.  Imagine a quiet Concession road where the trees from the original Carolinian forests make a canopy overtop the road, letting in select beams of sunlight.  Or a gently winding road that hugs the shorelines of Lake Erie.  Or a sideroad in a historic hamlet that was founded by soldiers from the war of 1812.

So do yourself a favour.  Search out Spooky Hollow Road.  Find Lyndoch and Vittoria.  Check out the unmaintained roads.  And take your time doing it all, you won’t regret it!

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