golferCan you smell that?  It’s Spring coming on!  And that means there are a lot of people getting excited about one thing…golf!  One of the things that makes Norfolk County incredible is the golf courses we have here. I have clients that move in from out of the area ask me about it fairly often…how many courses we have, where they are, and which ones are the best to play.  We have some simply stunning courses, and ones to cater to every skill level.  I love to golf, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a great golfer. I’m fair, at best. But because I’m expected to be an expert on my area, I felt that I really should know every course (it was a great excuse to play around a lot last summer!), and from that, I’ve chosen to write about my favourite 3.  Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll even get out to try something new out!

1st hole on the Red 9

1st hole on the Red 9

1. The Greens at Renton. This is where I have my membership now. Probably the best course in the county (and I would challenge even further), the rolling fairways, lush fields, mature trees, and manicured greens make this one my favourite.  Once upon a time, this was called the Nanticoke Golf Course, and as a kid growing up in Jarvis, this is actually where I learned how to play. It was really nice then, but it has since been purchased and transformed into something even better!  They added an additional 9 holes, making it the only 27 hole course in the area, and I love playing older holes that let me reminisce of my childhood,while playing the newer holes in the remapped layout.  The  three 9 hole choices are very well balanced, so if you play a different combination of 18 each time, you don’t feel cheated at all.  This place has been around for a long time, so the trees and forested areas are very mature.

Water definitely adds a challenge to golf, but honestly, I don’t like courses that don’t have it. One of the things that makes golf so appealing is the beauty of your surroundings, and without it, something really feels missing. The Greens certainly does not miss the mark here, with lots of ponds and streams to play around (just try not to swear too loud when you lose a ball or two!).  At $52 for 18 holes with a cart during the week, it’s possibly the most expensive one in the area, but compared to a lot of other places, this still is pretty affordable for golf.  This is a course where getting par will make you feel like a pro, but if you’re skill level isn’t up for that, you won’t feel like you wasted your money…the natural beauty of this place will keep you coming back for more!


photo courtesy of Springview Farms Golf Course

2. Springview Farm Golf Course. I actually spent more time golfing this course than any other last season, and not just because it’s more affordable that many others (at $40.25 for 18 holes and a cart).  It’s a fantastic golf course!  Right outside Bloomsburg, south of Waterford, it’s largely a forgiving course, but there are several holes that keep even seasoned golfers on their toes.  From the first hole, you’re shooting over naturally fed spring water hazards, and there is plenty of water on this course.  What there isn’t, is sand.  And you know what?  I’m good with that!  Not once did I feel like I was playing an inferior course due to the lack of sand.  This is one of the newest courses in Norfolk County, but you’d never know it…I really can’t speak enough about how beautiful this place is, from the manicured fairways, the knee high grass separating certain holes, to the rustic club house (which still has that barn feel…I love it!).

There is one thing that stands out about this course beyond every other place…the friendliness.  Every single person that works here makes you feel like the golf course was opened just for you.  The owner will come out with a smile on his face asking how your game went, and he makes it feel so personal…it’s like coming home…but in golf course form.  How do you get any better than that?  Well, you can add the fact that it’s the only course I went to last year where a drink cart came out regularly asking if I wanted anything to drink.  This isn’t out of the ordinary if you’re playing in a tournament, but I have yet to see anywhere else do this during regular play.  And that counts for a lot in my books!  So if you want a stunning course to play at that offers a wonderful game in a more relaxed environment than anywhere, this is the club for you.  Just make sure you pick the right club for the 18th hole…those panes of glass can add up quick.

woodside greens

photo courtesy of Woodside Greens Golf Club

3. Woodside Greens Golf Club. If you played this one several years ago, but haven’t been back…you need to try it out!  So much has changed, you wouldn’t recognize most of it, and it’s all for the better.  I will give you a warning right off the bat with this one.  If you have a tendancy to shoot your ball out of play, bring several balls with you!  The bush is so dense most of the time, that there’s not even much point going to look for your ball if you cleared the tree line.  Don’t let that discourage you from playing here, however!  I know that I’ve used the word “beautiful” enough times throughout this blog to make it a redundant word…but my thesaurus isn’t handy, and it’s so fitting for each of these!  The thick forested areas so significant of Norfolk County all the way to the imported sand for the bunkers (yes, there is sand on this one, and it is a truly eye catching white sand).  There are some long holes, so you’ll get to practice with your driver for sure.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t golf without a cart.  Yeah, you can call me lazy if you want, but the way I see it, I golf to have fun and enjoy myself.  I’m not going to do that if I’m walking.  And with the length of some of these holes, you might not either!  That being said, it’s nice to know that you’re really getting your money’s worth with a well designed course that is created in a way that you get to utilize each of the clubs in your bag.

There are a lot of things that make Norfolk County rock, but I really think that the golf courses we have to offer really shines as one of the top features.  Whether you’re a hardcore golfer, or just a casual player, there’s something for everyone here.  If you haven’t played these 3 courses, I really encourage you to make a point this summer to get out to each one…you won’t be disappointed!  If you need a golf partner, I’d be happy to go out with you…send me an email or a text, or even a facebook message and we can go play a round!  Seriously!  Is there a golf course in the area that you think would top one of my 3 picks here?  Leave me a comment at the end, I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂

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