Product-Photography-TorontoThey say a picture is worth a thousand words.  A picture is a piece of art.  And I’m here to say that pictures can make or break your listing.  Let’s talk about this for a bit, because it’s a bit of a personal pet peeve.

Why do we take pictures when we’re selling your house?  It’s a trick question, I know, but one that bears some thinking.  Over 90% of potential buyers will start their home search online now.  Stats indicate that it could be as high as 98%.  Ok, so they go online searching for a house, and what is the first thing they will click on?  Yep, the pictures.  Now let’s remember…this potential buyer is still sitting in their living room or kitchen, looking at something online.  This isn’t going to sell the home.  What it IS going to do, however, is make them want to see more!  When they actually get into your home, that’s when they’re going to either decide if they like it enough to put in an offer or not…but you need to get them through that door in the first place, and that’s where the pictures come in.  You can have the fanciest write-up, and a heap of helpful information, but if the pictures aren’t great, you’re going to lose the interest of a huge number of people (maybe that person that would have bought your house if they’d just gone through that front door…)

So if good pictures attract buyers, what do bad pictures do?  I mean seriously, have you seen some of the pictures that make it to the internet?  We’ve all seen it…a house for sale with a lonely solitary picture, often out of focus, a bit crooked…(ugh).  What do you think when you only see one picture?  I have had clients refuse to look at a house simply because there was only one picture.  In the old days people relied upon their agent to show them all the homes that met their criteria, but now home buyers are ‘touring’ homes online, so if you only have one picture…ya just missed out on a big chunk of the market.

A professional thought it was a good idea to put this on the internet?

A professional thought it was a good idea to put this on the internet?

Then we have the bad pictures.  They come in two varieties: Quality and Content.  The ones that are blurry, crooked, odd angles, poor lighting…and then the ones where the house is a mess.  Showing off how big your countertops are by having all of your dirty dishes and last nights supper on them probably isn’t going to help your cause.  You might want to pick up your dirty laundry before that snapshot of your bedroom hits the internet.  I’m shocked (even though I shouldn’t be by now) when I see some of the pictures that go up.

Bra fail

Bra fail

This is such a paramount part of the business that there is NO EXCUSE for bad pictures.  None.  A good quality camera is an essential tool, and a certain level of skill must accompany it.  Over the past several years I’ve had tons of compliments on the photography I take (I’m immensely proud of this!), yet there are still lots of times where I will hire a professional photographer to come out and do an even better job.  Anything less would not be serving my clients best interest.  I invite you to check out my website and judge for yourself!

So when it’s time for you to sell your home and you have to decide on which agent you’re going to use, please take this into consideration!  Look that their past work…do the listings they currently have look appealing, or do they look sloppy and lazy?  Remember, these pictures are going on the internet for everyone to see.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit here, I appreciate it!  Don’t forget to like this post, and please share it!  I’d love to hear any feedback you might have, thoughts, or experiences you might have had in regards to pictures you’ve seen (or had taken!).

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  2. Great post. I continue to be surprised by how many listings have bad photos.

    Photos are a big part of our listing presentation. We are proud of the photos we are taking (, but we also stress the important of having them ready to publish on the day the home hits the market. Lots of agents do professional photos, but too many schedule the photographer to come in a day or two after the listing is up. Too many buyers are watching the hot sheets and skip over a listing with no photos.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. So many of my clients get listings from me automatically as soon as they hit the board. If the pics aren’t up right away, you’ve just missed your target again. And these same clients often times won’t look a second time to see if more have been posted. Thanks for reading, and your comment!

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