Ok, anyonmusice who knows me knows I’m passionate about music.  So I was pretty excited when a friend of mine told me about the DJ business he was starting up.  Like anything though, I always brush my excitement with a slight spattering of skepticism.   Now I’ve seen the equipment though.  I’ve heard the equipment.  I’ve seen the music selection.  And I have to say I’m impressed!

Smout Out Loud.  DJ Services.

8000 Watts driving into your skull, close to half a million songs, and truly one of the coolest mixing boards I’ve ever seen.  On the nearby horizon promises laser lights and smoke.  “We’re bringing the Club to You“.  That’s his motto, and very few people I know could deliver the same way, with the same level of class and coolness.

What kind of venues are you planning on doing,  I ask.  I get a funny look.  “Ones that need music.  And a good DJ.”  Ok, so I guess the simplest answers are the best sometimes, but here’s the thing…regardless of whether it’s the biggest day in your life (read: wedding), a birthday party, or simply a bash for a group of friends, you want it to be memorable.  Lets face it…what are the 2 things people remember most?  The food, and the music.  Ok, the drunk uncle comes in as a tie half the time.

I’m going to finish this off with two more things here. smout out loud banner
1. Smout Out Loud is owned and operated by a local boy here in Simcoe.  His name is Rob Smout, and he’s actually booking things up fairly quickly.  That’s what a good service gets you, after all!  So if you’re looking to make a special day memorable as well, give him a shout.  Trust me, you’ll be impressed and happy that you did.  519-410-4404 is his cell. If you mention my name and that you saw it on here, he promises to give you a $50 credit (good only until the end of 2013)
2. Everybody loves contests, and winning things.  So I’m going to give you the opportunity to do just that!  I’ve set up a contest here that will select one random winner to win a $200 credit towards a booking with Rob.  Yes, I know you all love me. (lol).  Just click on the link, and please hit like and share!


Ok, small disclaimer here…to claim the prize, the party/wedding/event that you need to book for must be in Southern Ontario.  Ideally within a few hours from Simcoe, Ontario.  If you’re right on the edge of that distance, or a bit further, you’ll have to work it out with the DJ Service (there could be additional travel costs associated).

~ Matt Johnston

  1. Chris says:

    SOunds great Matt.
    i will pass that around.

  2. Deborah Bove says:

    Awesome Matt!

  3. Kathy Davis says:

    Well written Matt!! Will forward to anyone who may need the DJ services!

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