ImageSilly question, right?  Well, maybe not.  Odds are, if you’re thinking of selling your house then you’ve lived in it for a while now.  Driving up to it every day, seeing it all the time, it’s natural to look at it under a different light than potential buyers.

Curb appeal is the physical attractiveness of your home from the outside…specifically the curb.  (I know, but sometimes it’s necessary to state the obvious to make a point).  Most buyers are doing their preliminary house hunting online, and a lot of them will do a “drive by” of a potential home before they call up their agent to have a look inside.  Does your home stack up?  If someone drove past your house, from the street does it look enticing enough to make people want to look further?  That’s our goal here.

So if it isn’t perfect (and let’s face it, what is?), what can you do to help the sale?  Most ideas will come with a price tag, but there are some other things that you can do that need nothing more than a bit of sweat and tears.  Clean.  That’s honestly one of the most important things, and it applies to the outside as much as the inside.  Is the siding broken or cracked in places?  People will notice, so maybe it’s time to reside.  The roof is the first thing people will notice when driving up, and is the most common thing to be commented on.

Seasons will obviously have an impact on what we do to increase the curb appeal.  Right now there’s a blanket of snow on everything.  Is your driveway and path cleared of snow and ice?  Are your gutters overflowing with ice?

When we get into the warmer season, landscaping will have a massive impact.  Well manicured lawns and gardens have an inviting nature to them, so trim those bushes and cut your grass!  And if you’re not the type to go out into the garden and get dirty weeding it, maybe it’s a good investment to hire someone else to do it.  For the cost, you’ll find a payoff when you see that steady stream of potential buyers calling to see your home.

For more ideas, or a free consultation, I’d love to come over and chat.  Give me a call!

Ok, here’s a short update.  Who wants to win $10,000 towards professional landscaping?  Ummmm…yeah, silly question.  So here are the rules.  Well, not rules, per say, but rather what I’d like you to do.  Like this post.  Share this post.  Then click this link: 

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