winter-for-sale_500Well, after a much needed vacation with my beautiful and supportive wife, I’m back to work full force. It’s very encouraging that in January I’m seeing as much activity as I am, and even though right now I’m working with more Buyers than Sellers, I’ve been speaking with several people about listing their home. The most common question I’m getting from people is should I list now, even with it being winter?

I think if you polled most REALTORS, you would find that it is an extremely common question so I’m going to try and give you the short answer right now.


But aren’t there more people looking for homes in the Spring? Won’t I get more activity then? Would I be able to get more money for my home if the weather is warmer? I guess the answer to all of that is…maybe. But then again, maybe not. Sure, more people are likely to be looking for a home when it’s warm and sunny, but there are lots of people that buy homes in the winter as well…and if the common thought is to try and sell in the spring, all that really means is that you’re going to face a lot more competition. It’s likely that you’ll get less activity, but the activity you do get will be better quality. People don’t tire kick when there’s a foot of snow on the ground!

As far as the more money issue, I have a few things to say about that. There is a chance that “spring fever” will bring values up a bit, but again we have to consider the volume of inventory on the market. If you’re in deeper competition to snag that buyer, it might have the opposite effect. Plus, even if you do find higher values, it will wash itself out when you yourself look for your next home.

In the end, however, it all boils down to a far simpler reason. The best time to list your home is when your current home is not meeting your needs anymore. That could be right now, it might be a few years from now. If it is, in fact, right now, don’t wait! That perfect buyer might be right around the corner!

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