Taxation without representation

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I think it’s time for reform. Pretty strong, I know, but honestly there has been little to no resistance from the good people of Ontario against the government with regards to how we’re being run. There are tons of policy issues I could get into, but what has a real bug in me right now is taxes.

Please don’t get me wrong…I have no issue paying taxes. It’s how a country is run, it’s how our streets are upkept, and provides schooling and education, health care, garbage removal, police systems, fire departments, and so on. All in all taxes are a mandatory part of a successful system. We need accountablility for that system!!

Here’s a novel idea. Lets figure out what we’re being taxed on, why, and what’s being done with that money that we’re providing to our government.  It’s the lies and deceit and broken promises and just general lack of forethought that bother me, and I’m sure it bothers most people. We just don’t do anything about it.

Look back to prewar times. Canada didn’t have income tax. Imagine that! It was a huge attraction for our country as the US and UK both did have this tax. It encouraged immigration and investment alike. Then the war hits, and debt piles up, so the Tories introduced a TEMPORARY income tax to help pay for the war efforts. Temporary.

1. Effective for a time only; not permanent: a temporary need; a temporary job.
(Taken from

The Liberals then take power, and McKenzie King decides that this is a great tax. Let’s keep it! It’s too bad that wasn’t around then…he might have been able to grasp the definition of the word “temporary”.

There is a whole list of taxes that we pay that some people may not even be aware of.  We already mentioned income tax, there’s excise tax (from both fed and prov on cigarettes, alcohol, and gas), health taxes, payroll taxes, estate taxes (you’re taxed if you die…), land transfer tax (if you buy a house), property tax (if you want to KEEP that house),

The government watches us work.  Then they tax our paycheque.  If we invest some of our leftover dollars, they take some more.  If you buy GIC’s or invest in a company, they take some of what’s earned off of that.  If you buy a house, they tax you for that.  If you decide to keep that house, they tax you for that.  If you want to buy anything, they tax you for that (now 13%!).  If you’re stupid enough to die, they tax you for that too!

“a tax upon us without our consent…that a virtuous and steady opposition to the ministerial plan of governing is absolutely necessary to preserve even the shadow of liberty…” “no taxation without representation”  “If it comes to violence to get the King’s attention, then so be it, that’s what we must do!”  Just a few quotes from the Boston Tea Party.  People were once really pissed about having to pay taxes against their will for stupid things.  And THEY did something about it.

There is only ONE legitimate reason to levy a tax.  That’s to raise money.  Any other reason is a corruption of the tax system.  You might wonder why I’m so pissed right now about our tax system.  Well it’s nothing new, to be honest, but recently something I read just bothered me more than most times.  We’ve just changed our taxes from GST and PST to a combined Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), and so many people had no idea how this would adversly effect us.  As a real estate agent, I have studied this quite a bit because it effects my industry quite extensively.  There is one brochure that came out in the mail spelling out what will go up as a result of the increased tax (PST wasn’t payed on many items, thereby increasing the tax from 5% up to 13%).

Alcohol used to have 10-12% in PST alone!  That means that the sales taxes on alcohol was 15-17%, now going DOWN to 13%!  This initially sounds great, finally a break in this shitstorm of a tax increase!  Wait!  Read further, and you will come across another line that says “even though the taxes will be lower on alcoholic beverages, there will be additional fees and taxes added to SUPPORT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY”.

This brings me back to the one legitimate reason for taxation.  To raise money.  NOT SOCIAL ENGINEERING.  When the government taxes extra to curb a particular behavior or gives a break for another kind is just plain wrong.  It’s none of the governments business what I do.  They need to stick to things they’re good at, and deciding morality is not one of them.

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